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Human Capital: Attention on the record

January 23, 2007

Society has made significant progress with establishing a financial capital market. A framework on which a Monetary Capitalism Economy has thrived and succeeded. There is still that last pocket of opportunities under this intellectual model to be realised but the next stage of Capitalism is showing its hand, the Attention Capitalism Economy. I personally like the term Life Capitalism as this describes the focus of the new game and a human capital market will be created by society to realise this world.

I was pointed to this blog posting, document human captial or you can listen to the insightful interview , via an email from the CEO of OpenYear . NB. This business is sponsoring this series of blog postings by way of disclosure.

The blogger interviews a pioneering economist that has used his risk management intellectual thinking to visualise risk, personal and aggregated to society risks to show opportunities available now and in the future. He talks in term of expanding the financial system to new areas where information is more transparent, more realtime. But what I would say it is not so much financial data that is being used but attention data. I also feel the risk management terminology is to look at the vision from the wrong direction. From the corporate looking out rather from the individual looking out. Now, individual are corporations putting aside the legal status the law has given them. So, we are all talking about the same thing in reality. In short, this new market is dependant upon visualising more data, thus this data is required to be captured (yes with nil effort), sharing the data under ‘my’ privacy empowerment choices, and the expansion from merely recording the transaction to all the interactions that lead up to the simple financial event, we call the transaction.

I agree that the creation of this society is inevitable and this blog posting and pod-cast provides an intellectual stimulus for those freely willing to gain knowledge on this area.