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attention focuses on life, money is just money

February 25, 2007

The train crash at the weekend took the life of one person, injured many more. The BBC are now reporting that it looks like a track points part was completely missing. Routine maintenance should have prevented the accident the article I reports.

I want to use this tragic series of events to illustrate how an economy focused on attention will make this another preventable crashes less likely to happen. The focus of a monetary economy is cash. In the train industry, the passengers fare, wages of the staff, the purchase of the trains, their fuel, cost of the track, maintenance contracts etc. Rewards focus on these transactions. In an attention economy the transaction looses its priority to all the individual parts that focus on sustaining life, in the case of a train operator, the passengers, staff, trains, fuel supplier, track. Notice the difference. The incentive system will be clearly identified with attention services and all rewards and information focused on monitoring attention services will be real time on its status. Transactions never focus on life, they focus on the money. Money is not life, never will be and the quicker we celebrate the successes of monetary capitalism and release it to be base on attention, the new currency, the quicker we will reduce the probability of such tragic preventable accidents occurring again.