money wants to expand its reach

I have written that money keeps on getting ‘lighter’. As a result of this, it can embolden its reach. The granularity of transaction will expand. I define a transaction as the point where cash moves from one person to another, that person can be an individual, business, partnership, government, website owner etc etc. The result of a transaction is the transfer of cash from one to another. Once the transaction is complete the receiving party is ‘free’ to take that cash (money acting as a store of wealth) any where they choose. I make a point that just because a transaction is successful (if you like legal) it does not mean to say it is of value to society/the world.

Capitalism has been happy to create these transactions and has found ways to create derivatives from them. Just look at the financial markets, cattle futures in Chicago have expanded to a range of financial derivatives that dominate the volume of transaction in the economy. Derivatives of derivatives are created to fine tune financial risks to the realities of the world. Along comes the Internet.

A new curreny has been created. The financial market have a rival. Think of the financial markets as a top down application of capitalism. It sees the real word and try to model it in risk tied to money.

Think of the Internet as a currency as a bottom ups application of capitalism (I like to call it life capitalism). It is the real world and it now looking to create its own currency that allow the change of value (human) and model to the creation of stuff in the world that those present in the world, individuals to have while they live.


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